Read About Highlights 4CsHere are 31 (and more) ways to celebrate—one for every day of the month, plus a bonus! 1. Got a few cardboard boxes taking up space in your garage or attic? Turn them into treasured toys! 2. Make your own clay with four simple ingredients. Everything you need is already in your kitchen! 3. Imagination […]

How to Make Folded Paper Bracelets

Making a folded paper bracelet is a fun way to keep the kids busy and to use up old paintings. Plus, they look so pretty! We love our watercolour paint sets. I mean, we really love them. Check out our latest video…    Tips for a Calm Christmashttps://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.426.0_en.html#goog_1566082815[Advertisement] Your video will begin shortly: 0:01 I don’t think […]

Lapiz – Papel Online

School background with school lunch, pencils and a notebook.

Creating an organized environment for students to learn has been a passion. The corporation has expanded its product line to include: award-winning educational products, games, learning toys, equipment and resources for teachers, parents and students. Our company is committed to the tradition of providing high quality educational tools and organizers that assist educators in engaging […]

Glow-in-the-Dark Jellyfish Craft

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Take Your Kids to Flight School With This Fun Paper Plane Game

This craft project is perfect for kids — just fold, and let your imagination fly.Aug 2, 2016PHILIP FRIEDMAN/STUDIO D Get ready for some all-ages play with this DIY target game: Cut holes in a piece of poster board and assign a point value to each. Prop up with bookends, then send paper airplanes soaring! For […]